Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 855-OH-CHILD

The Power To Create a Lasting Impact

Professionals in the community play an important role in identifying risk, promoting protective factors, and preventing child abuse and neglect.

The Power To Strengthen Families

As a professional who has regular contact with children and families, you can help prevent child abuse and neglect. Some helpful tips include:

School psychologist with smart boy

Suspect something. Say something.

If you suspect or have reasons to believe a child may be at risk of abuse or neglect, you can help to prevent the issue and create lasting impact. Professionals can protect children by reporting their concerns to proper authorities.

Safety. Stability. Nurturing.

Promoting safe, stable and nurturing environments within the classroom, healthcare system, or your organization, can have a dramatic impact on a child’s well-being as they grow and develop.

Kids are playing with dad

Provide encouraging experiences

The more positive interactions children have with adults, the better coping skills they develop to help them deal with stress.

Partner with others

Partnering with the general public, organizations and other professionals can help move from raising awareness of child abuse to finding solutions.

Reach out

Families with vulnerabilities might be reluctant to seek help. Make an effort to reach out to families who don’t reach out to you.

Mother and daughter violin lesson

Be a positive influence

Responsive relationships and positive experiences support brain development in children, providing them the opportunity for more advanced cognitive, social and emotional skills.