Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 855-OH-CHILD

The Power To Make a Difference for Others

You don’t have to be a parent to positively impact a child. No matter if you are a caregiver, grandparent, neighbor, coach, teacher, or simply a friend, when you spend time making a child feel valued, you are helping to build their confidence. You are preparing the child for a lifetime of success, and also helping to improve their resilience for when life can be difficult.

The Power To Help Your Community

You can help provide great childhoods by mentoring a child or caregiver, supporting family-friendly policies, or donating to organizations that help children. Other ways to get involved include:

Happy father and son having fun while shaving

Mentoring a child

Children’s lives are shaped by their experiences, their environment, and the relationships they have with adults they look up to. It only takes one adult to positively influence a child and help ensure long-term health and well-being.

Little son and daughter with mother on roller coaster ride

Help a friend, neighbor, or relative with childcare

Offer childcare to friends and family members, especially during holidays and schools breaks.

Mother and son laughing

Get involved

Ask community leaders, clergy members, libraries, and schools to develop services to meet the needs of healthy children and families. Offer to help obtain needed resources.

Mother and daughter violin lesson

Promote programs in school

Teach children, caregivers, and educators how to build up protective factors so children can grow up safe and healthy.

School psychologist with smart boy

Volunteer at a local child abuse prevention program

For information about volunteer opportunities, email

Father and son working on a project

Help a family in need

Offer to help meet material needs of families or donate money needed for children’s activity fees or club memberships.