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Introducing The Power To Create A Better Future

Jun 26, 2018

In an effort to build awareness and increase prevention of child abuse and neglect within our region, the Southwest Ohio Regional Prevention Council is proud to launch The Power To Create A Better Future – a new educational initiative that was developed to inform and empower communities to take an active role in improving the well-being of children. We aim to educate parents, caregivers, educators, social workers, healthcare professionals, and other concerned citizens about positive ways they can identify, address, and prevent child abuse and neglect. This helps to ensure each child in Southwest Ohio has the opportunity to have a safe and brighter future.

After months of development, our new campaign features a website that will act as an online hub of educational resources, information, and tools that are accessible by individuals from all walks of life. Furthermore, this platform is usable on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, making sure our materials are accessible by the widest range of users.

Access Our Materials

On our new site, you will find tools related to:

  • Support for Children
  • Support for Families
  • Support for Professionals
  • Support For Community Involvement

Learn more by visiting our site and reviewing the different resources our campaign has to offer.

Our Community Toolkit

Our new community toolkit is your complete resource for community services,  family interventions, and educational materials. You can also access marketing tools and brochures to help support our message in your facility.

Visit the Community Toolkit

Social Media

Our social media platforms are integrated throughout the site.